Caribbean Transatlantic

Caribbean Transatlantic

16 Mar - 29 Mar 2019 | 13 NIGHTS | 5 PORTS | Britannia (B906A)


Caribbean Transatlantic, 16 Mar - 29 Mar 2019, 13 NIGHTS, 5 PORTS

Take a cruise around the Caribbean and across the Atlantic

Without doubt, this is your perfect transatlantic fun quest. Fall for the Caribbean’s sun-filled destinations and seek out some hidden gems. Touch down in beautiful Barbados, then head on to a string of sparkling island gems. Your first call… sunny St Lucia with its dramatic mountains. Onto charming St Kitts and Antigua’s balmy beaches. Pick up a bargain in bustling markets or sample the seafood delights, before heading back over the Atlantic on a crossing filled with happy days and fun nights at sea. You’ll stop in at the Azores en route for a final flourish before returning to Southampton.

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