About Kalmar

From Sweden's largest gold coin discovery (found in the wreck of 17th century warship) to the turrets of its impressive castle, the city of Kalmar offers cruises here a treasure-trove of attractions. Once one of the most important cities in the North, it remains a vibrant commercial centre yet retain an old world charm. With winding lanes and wooden houses, the evocative Old Town was the heart of the city until 1647 when it was almost totally destroyed by fire and the centre moved to Kvarnholmen. Encircled by a canal, this island is well known for its museums, shops and restaurants.

No cruise to Kalmar is complete however without experiencing the strategically important Key to the Kingdom - a well-preserved Renaissance castle and significant defensive fortification.


Shore excursions in Kalmar

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Charming Kalmar

Activity lowRefreshments included

Duration: 3 hours

Discover the stunning sights of Kalmar and its surrounding countryside on this panoramic tour.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a scenic drive through one of Sweden’s oldest cities. Kalmar’s 17th-century centre is a wealth of well preserved architecture and historical atmosphere combined with modern art and design. Have your camera at the ready, as you pass by Guest Harbour, en route to City Park. The romantic English style park is the perfect location to capture stunning views of Kalmar Castle. Perched on a tiny island just off the coast, the castle found fame in 1397 when the Kalmar Union was signed here, uniting Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Continuing your panoramic drive, you’ll follow the ancient city walls, travelling along small cobbled streets. Admire the historic buildings along Kvarnholmen, many of which now host charming shops, restaurants and bars. Pass one of the most famous sights in Kalmar, the 17th century houses known as ‘Tripp, Trapp, Trull’. With your guide, enjoy a visit to the Cathedral of Kalmar, one of the largest baroque churches in Sweden. Then it’s time to sample Sweden’s tasty pastries served with tea or coffee.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind, you’ll head north along the coast for a picturesque drive passing pretty villages and old farmlands, before heading back to the ship.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 30 minutes of walking, over flat ground. Passengers wishing to visit inside the Cathedral will have to negotiate some cobblestones. There may be some steps to negotiate at the refreshment venue.

Kalmar Castle and Town

Activity high

Duration: 3 hours

Explore Kalmar’s stunning storybook style castle and discover the charms of the town.

Perched on a tiny island just off the coast, Kalmar Castle has an almost magical appearance. Sit back, relax and enjoy a scenic drive, as you pass the medieval harbour en route to the romantic English style park. Surrounded by unusual plants and numerous sculptures, you’ll enjoy fabulous panoramic views of the dominating castle. The castle found fame in 1397 when the Kalmar Union was signed here, uniting Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

With your guide, you’ll cross the old wooden drawbridge to explore the castle’s imposing exterior, supported by grand watchtowers and a fine Renaissance palace interior. Visit the Queen’s Suite and admire the Queen’s bed, the only original piece of furniture that has survived the passage of time. Continue your walk through the Checkered Hall and admire the inlaid walls en route to the Great Hall, elaborately decorated with fine frescoes of Samson and Delilah.

Continue your tour with a panoramic drive passing the Old City Walls. Enjoy a brief stop on Main Street and admire ‘Stortorget’, the big square where you will find the 17th century Cathedral, the largest baroque church in Sweden and the Town Hall.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 1 hour of walking over cobblestones and some steps within the castle to negotiate.

Kalmar on Foot

Activity highRefreshments included

Duration: 2½ hours

Explore the delightful town of Kalmar, centred around the 17th century Old Town and admire a variety of lovely buildings and pretty squares.

Join your guide for a stroll along Guest Harbour and through the green and beautiful City Park, a romantic English style garden with many unusual plants and sculptures. From the park, you’ll enjoy fabulous views of Kalmar Castle; make sure you have your camera at the ready to capture the imposing palace with its grand watchtowers.

Following the Old City Walls, you’ll wind your way through small, charming alleys, passing the water tower ‘Europa Nostra’, and the town’s famous 17th century houses, ‘Tripp, Trapp, Trull’. Upon arrival at ‘Stortorget’, meaning ‘big square’, you’ll find the impressive 17th century Cathedral, the biggest baroque church in Sweden. On the opposite side of the square is City Hall, built in a Dutch renaissance style.

Before returning to the ship, sample a traditional Swedish pastry and cookies served with tea and coffee in one of the old towns charming cafés.

Essential information

This excursion will operate on foot. There is approximately 2 hours of walking included on this tour, over even terrain with some cobblestones.

Scenic Southern Öland

Activity highMeal included

Duration: 6½ hours

The stunning island of Öland is rich in ancient monuments, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts rugged coastlines.

The small island of Öland is only 9 miles across at its widest point, however it’s packed with an abundance of ancient monuments and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Sit back and relax as you travel over the 3½ mile long suspension bridge connecting the island with the mainland. En route, you’ll pass through the town of Färjestaden, and at Resmo you’ll head inland across the unique landscape known as the ‘Great Alvar’, an extensive plateau, almost entirely devoid of trees. The thin soil in places gives way to bare limestone outcrops, creating an impression of a barren landscape. Yet the area is teeming with wildlife and is in fact the only refuge for a number of unique plant and animal species.

The mighty walls of Eketorp Castle stands proudly in the middle of the Alvar. Your guide will host you on a tour of the castle and will regale you with stories about castle life, from a bygone era. Explore the museum, which exhibits a fine selection of artefacts that were excavated on the site and date from the Iron and Middle Ages. Following your visit, enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Your next stop is the Ottenby Nature Reserve, one of the best bird-watching sites in Sweden. Visit the bird-station, Ottenby Naturum, which is a migratory bird museum and see the 137 foot high Länge Jan Lighthouse. Before leaving the island, you’ll pass the ancient Viking stone ship at Gettlinge Burial Ground.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 2 hours of walking included on this tour and several steps to negotiate.

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