About Moorea

Moorea has often been likened to James Michener's mythological island, Bali Ha'i. A jewel in the Polynesian Sea, its lush, jagged vistas, encircled by deep blue ocean, resemble a vast star shaped garden, branching out into eight valleys.

You can walk bare foot on clean, quiet beaches, bask in the warm caress of the sun and swim in crystalline lagoons. You can explore the tropical landscapes and watch locals plait and braid baskets using local palm trees.


Shore excursions in Moorea

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

4x4 Adventure

Activity medium

Duration: 3½ hours

Adventure off-road deep into the heart of the island, for the best views and scenery of this paradise island.

This tour is perfect for adventurers who want to discover Moorea off the beaten track. Travelling in a 4x4 vehicle, you’ll see inside the volcanic craters which created the island, explore the pineapple plantations and the lush rainforest landscapes. Resembling a star shaped garden, Moorea is agriculturally rich with vanilla, bananas, grapefruits and lemons. Have your camera ready, as you visit the Tropical Gardens, abundant with exotic plants and vanilla. Continuing your adventure, you’ll drive across large plantations, whilst your knowledgeable guide highlights the flora and fauna of Moorea. Continue your exploration to visit a Marae, a sacred place which served both religious and social purposes in ancient Polynesian societies. Enjoy stunning views over the island at the Belvedere Lookout. At Magic Mountain, follow a small path surrounded by grapefruits, lemons and oranges, before emerging to one of the most beautiful views over the island.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by 4x4 vehicle and on foot. This tour is not suitable for those with injuries or conditions which may be affected by the bumpy ride. Pregnant women and children under 12 may not participate. The order of highlights may vary. There is a short but steep hike to the mountain viewpoint; therefore we recommend you wear footwear suitable for hiking over rough, uneven and wet ground. Please bring water, hat and sunscreen.

Island Highlights

Activity medium

Duration: 3½ hours

Take a journey around Moorea to capture the unique beauty of this jewel in the Pacific Ocean.

Your drive will take you on a tour of this visually stunning fairytale destination, where relaxation is encapsulated. Being such a compact island with no towns and a population of just 12,000, you will get to see the jagged volcanic mountains, tropical landscapes and the white sandy beaches.

Described as one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the world, the Belvedere Lookout is a must for all visitors to Moorea. Located at the centre of this heart-shaped island, from here you will be able to see the crystal clear waters of the famous Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay, with the sacred Rotui Mountain dividing them.

For a glimpse of past Tahitian culture, visit a marae, one of the ancient temples used in Moorea for worship.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. The order of highlights may vary. This tour includes up to 30 minutes of walking at the viewpoints.

Lagoon Cruise & Snorkel

Activity medium

Duration: 2½ hours

Sail on Moorea’s famous lagoon, find some playful stingrays and take a dip in the inviting ocean.

According to ancient legend, the two magnificent bays of Moorea were created by the tail of a huge lizard, and this gave the island its name – yellow (rea) lizard (moo). Explore the famous Opunohu Bay, as you sail into the lagoon. Take in the dramatic scenery of the island from the ocean, as well as the rainbow colours of fish living in the clear waters.

Your guide will endeavour to find some of the magnificent stingrays that live in the turquoise lagoons that surround Moorea, and you will be able to see how friendly and gentle these beautiful creatures are. Take a dip in the crystal clear shallow waters, with the rays and small black tipped sharks and discover the beautiful coral garden, before sailing back.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by boat. The itinerary of this tour, as well as the type of boat used, will be decided by the Captain, and is dependent on the local weather conditions. These alterations will be made to ensure your safety and comfort during the tour. Please note that this is a snorkelling tour, therefore snorkelling equipment is provided (mask & snorkel only). Please remember your swimwear, sunscreen and a towel. Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages prior to any swimming activities. Spaces are limited, therefore early booking is recommended.

Lagoon Cruise and Picnic

Activity mediumMeal included

Duration: 6 hours

Experience the thrill of swimming amongst schools of colourful tropical fish followed by a picnic on the beach.

Discover the magnificent island of Moorea from its languid lagoon. Your guide will take you on a journey of the history of Oponohu and Cook’s bays whilst enjoying breathtaking scenery.

According to an ancient legend, these bays were created by the tail of a huge lizard and indeed Moorea translates to yellow (rea) lizard (moo).

Work up an appetite, in the lagoon’s turquoise waters, swim amongst the corals, tropical fish and stingrays.

Afterwards, a picnic lunch will be prepared for you on the motu island whilst you relax on the beach or enjoy more snorkelling.

Essential information

This excursion operates by motorized boat. Participants must be physically fit, have snorkelling experience and be competent swimmers. The time spent at each area is weather and tide dependant. Please remember to wear your swim wear under your clothes, take a towel and sunscreen. Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed. Children under 10 cannot participate. Snorkelling equipment is included (mask and Snorkel).

Spinner Dolphin Expedition

Activity medium

Duration: 3 hours

An exceptional opportunity to learn about acrobatic dolphins in their stunning natural habitat, through the passion of an expert.

Described as the most informative and exciting water-based excursion in French Polynesia, the scientific and natural approach to this tour is the perfect way to understand and appreciate the marine creatures that live in these crystalline waters.

Dr Michael Poole is the Director of the Marine Mammal Research Programme at the Island Research Centre, and with his team has conducted scientific research on whales and dolphins since 1980. The conservation initiatives of the team include heightening public awareness about the plight of the animals, and their enthusiasm will shine through as they guide your tour.

On boarding your boat you will be introduced to your captain and research expert, who will begin to tell you about the remarkable behaviours and social organisation of the dolphins. Your key objective is to search for the schools of acrobatic Spinner Dolphins, the only species that spin horizontally and vertically in the air like ballerinas. Enjoying the stunning beauty of this island, you may also, with luck, spot some Rough-Toothed Dolphins and Pilot Whales.

Dr Poole and his research on Spinner Dolphins have been featured on the TV documentary, ‘Ocean Acrobats: The Spinner Dolphins’ shown on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. In 2000 he was a scientific consultant for the extraordinary BBC/Discovery Channel series ‘The Blue Planet’.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by boat. Please remember your camera, swimwear, sunscreen and a towel. Please note this is not a swim with dolphins.