About Parintins

At the centre of millions of miles of rain forest, halfway between Santarém and Manaus, on the right bank of the Amazon River, is the small town of Parintins. Although there are no roads to Parintins (you either have to sail or fly there) it has become the unlikely centre of the second largest festival in Brazil - the Boi Bumba.  These fabulous celebrations are held every year at the end of June.

When it is not festival season Parintins is a quiet place where you can learn about the life of the indigenous people of Brazil. The locals say the key to the success of their city is the hospitality they offer and their simplistic way of life. Their lifestyle is fascinating and their incredible handicrafts make for truly unique souvenirs. The Cathedral of Ours Lady of the Carmo and the Village Amazônia are worth a look.

Close-by, and surrounded by luxurious dense vegetation rich in fauna and flora, you will find the 152-metre-high Parintins Mountain Ridge, the beautiful Valéria Lake and the Taracuera and Varre Wind beaches.


Shore excursions in Parintins

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Boi Bumba Folkloric Show

Activity lowRefreshments included

Duration: 1 hour

Enjoy flamboyant dances and ‘Carnival’ style costumes and floats at this exclusive Boi Bumba Folkloric Show.

The Parintins Folk Festival, the largest cultural festival of the northern region of Brazil, is held over 3 days during the last week in June. The ‘Boi-Bumbas’ (people dressed in outlandish costumes) dance to the beat of the drums and each team is judged on its music, dance performances and costumes.

Experience a taste of Amazonian folklore during this exclusive show of the Boi-Bumba celebration. The people of Parintins exude a vibrant glow of beauty, happiness and pride in their culture as they carry on part of their rich tradition, which is rooted in a 19th century fable. The dancers and the contagious rhythm of the ‘Boi-Bumba’ music are sure to delight you. A local caipirinha beverage will be served during the show.

At the conclusion of the performance, you’ll have the opportunity to see the lavishly-designed costumes before the return walk to the pier.

Essential information

This excursion will operate on foot.The show is exclusive; only those with tickets may enter. You will be required to walk to the Convention Centre; the distance is approximately 5 minutes each way over flat, uneven terrain. The distance may vary slightly dependent on the tender’s berth and care should be taken when crossing the road. There is no shade during the walk, so water and sun screen are advisable. Comfortable, flat shoes are recommended. The first tender arrivals may have a wait of up to 45 minutes at the venue, as the show cannot begin until all passengers are ashore and seated. The duration of the show is 1 hour.

Parintins by Tricycle

Activity low

Duration: 1¾ hours

Soak up the atmosphere whilst cruising along the colourful streets of Parintins by Tricycle.

Meet the locals and experience local culture on a 90 minute tour of Parintins by tricycle.

Pause for a photo at the Bumbódromo, site of the yearly Boi Bumba Festival. Pass by Liberty Square and Paritin’s pastel-coloured cathedral and step inside for a moment before you head back along the shoreline back to the port.

A perfect opportunity to interact with the friendly locals.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by tricycle. Each Trike is built for stability and holds 1-2 passengers. Please bear in mind that this is a truly local tour and the standard of the tricycle and drivers may vary. This tour is unguided. Not all tricycles will have umbrellas as sunshades, therefore sun protection is recommended. Please be advised that it is usual practice to tip the tricycle operator.

Parintins by Tricycle