About Sassnitz

The atmospheric harbour town of Sassnitz is located on Germany's largest island, Rugen - an island known for its extraordinarily varied landscape, sheer cliffs and fine sandy beaches.

With our cruises to Sassnitz you'll discover a beautiful old town, great shopping opportunities and a fascinating Museum of Underwater Archaeology. From the harbour your Sassnitz cruise tour takes you to Cape Arkona - s sheer 45-metre chalk cliff at the tip of the Wittow peninsula. Its two lighthouses are the oldest on the Baltic coast dating from 1826 and 1827.


Shore excursions in Sassnitz

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Best of Rügen

Activity medium

Duration: 5½ hours

Discover the diverse beauty of the rugged island of Rügen during a scenic drive around Germany’s largest island.

Sit back and relax as you embark on a drive to the smallest, national park in Germany, Jasmund National Park. The area is famous for its towering chalk cliffs, 520 feet above sea level. Step out and admire the panoramic views over the Baltic Sea whilst breathing in the fresh air.

Your panoramic drive continues through Ralswiek passing the new renaissance style palace and the spectacular open-air theatre, to Rügen’s capital Bergen. As you travel through Market Square, look out for the oldest half-timbered house on the island, dating back to 1538. Upon arrival to Putbus, it’s easy to understand why it’s affectionately referred to as the ‘White City’, as its houses stretch around the majestic obelisk.

Binz is Rügen’s largest and most elegant seaside resort with a vibrant holiday atmosphere. Enjoy a photo stop at Kurhaus, built in 1908 as a wooden pavilion, Kurhaus grew into a hotel and the bathhouse soon became a spa. Today, it’s a protected monument and the resort’s landmark.

Before returning to Sassnitz, experience the former resort of Prora. It was originally intended by Hitler to be a gigantic holiday resort operated by the Nazi organisation, Kraft durch Freude. The 3 mile long remains of the building complex, is a historical monument of the construction and social history of the Third Reich and represents a fragment of Germany’s history.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 60 minutes walking involved in this tour. Should passengers require the use of a public toilet a fee of €0.50 per person is required. The order of the advertised itinerary may vary.

Rügen and Racing Roland Steam Train

Activity mediumShopping

Duration: 5 hours

Sample the stunning sights of Rügen and hop on board the century-old steam train, ‘Racing Roland’.

Embark on a drive through some of the most scenic towns on the island of Rügen. Along the way you’ll pass through the capital, Bergen, with the oldest half-timbered house on the island. As you travel through Putbus, admire the white houses that stretch around the majestic obelisk, giving the city the nickname, White City.

Once you have explored the sights of Putbus, you will join the ‘Racing Roland’ on the narrow-gauge railway. Hop aboard the century-old steam service for a journey to the seaside resort of Binz. Upon arrival your guide will host you on a walk, where you can soak up the vibrant holiday atmosphere, as you stroll along the promenade. Enjoy a photo stop at the Kurhaus, originally a wooden pavilion built in 1908 and later developed from a bathhouse to an elegant and luxurious resort hotel.

Before you head back to your ship, stroll at leisure through some of the quaint shopping streets and browse in the local boutiques.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach, steam train and on foot. This tour includes a moderate amount of walking. Passengers must negotiate some steps and uneven ground. There is approximately 1½ hour of walking during the tour. Time spent at leisure is dependent on time and traffic congestion. The order of the advertised itinerary may vary.

The Sights of Unesco's Stralsund

Activity highShopping

Duration: 5 hours

Explore the well preserved medieval City of Stralsund, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.

Your day of discovery starts as you embark on a panoramic drive to the medieval City of Stralsund. Your host for the tour will provide you with tales and facts as they introduce you to, the past and present of this beautiful area. Admire the stunning skyline of Stralsund from the new Rügen-Bridge, which connects Rügen with the main land.

Upon arrival in Stralsund enjoy a scenic drive passing by the Old Harbour, with its warehouses and quays, St Mary's Church and the medieval town wall with its gates and towers. From the heart of the old town, your guide will host you on a walk, allowing you to soak up the atmosphere of this magical medieval town. As you stroll through the charming narrow streets, you’ll take in Stralsund’s most celebrated sights - the splendid Town Hall façade illustrates the city’s once wealth and super power. As you meander through the arcades, look up at the 17th century baroque detail on the buildings. The centrepiece of this magnificent city is Market Square, the splendour of its gothic brick style is a picture book of architecture.

Before you head back to the comfort of your coach, enjoy some free time to explore, browse the quaint shops for souvenirs or take a peek inside the monumental St Nikolai Church built solely by the donations of the city’s citizens.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. This tour includes approximately 1½ hours of walking over some cobbled and uneven surfaces. Should passengers require the use of a public toilet a fee of €0.50 per person is required. The order of the advertised itinerary may vary. Entrance to St Nikolai Church is not included.

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