The capital of Fiji is Suva, a beautiful harbour city built on a hilly peninsula, which stretches out into the sea. Although Suva is the commercial and political centre of Fiji, and the largest city in the South Pacific, its tall modern buildings are beautifully balanced by its rich traditional colonial architecture.

There is plenty to do and see in this exotic destination. You can stroll through Thurston Gardens, next to the official residence of the President of the Republic of Fiji, and peruse the museum's remarkable collection archaeological material, dating back 3,500 years. Discover some of Fiji's unique fauna and flora at the cultural centre on Orchid Island and visit Albert Park, where Charles Kingsford-Smith landed the 'Southern Cross' on his trans-Pacific flight in 1928.

Don't miss the municipal markets near the waterfront, which come to life on a Fridays and Saturdays with artefacts and handicrafts from Fijians throughout this idyllic island group.


Shore excursions in Suva

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

City of Suva

Activity mediumRefreshments includedShopping

Duration: 3 hours

Enjoy the sights, colonial and modern architecture of Suva, capital of Fiji, from the comfort of your coach.

The first stop on your orientation of the Fijian capital Suva is the Fiji Museum, which contains a fascinating exhibit on the cannibal era, along with the rudder from Captain Bligh’s Bounty and other displays of ancient pottery, double-war canoes and much more.

As you continue your scenic drive through the city you’ll pass Government House, the official residence of the President of the Republic of Fiji, Saint Giles Hospital, The Australian Embassy and Tamavua Heights for a panoramic view of the Suva Harbour.

Your friendly guide will point out the National Sporting Centre, site of the 2003 South Pacific Games, the University of The South Pacific, Parliament House Building and the British and United States Embassy.

Refreshments will be offered at a local hotel, and some time will be allowed for shopping within the city business centre.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. Passengers are advised that much of the sightseeing will be done from the coach, but walking at the Museum and during the shopping time is to be expected.

Fiji Spices and Nature Gardens

Activity mediumShopping

Duration: 3½ hours

An ideal tour for those who love spices, fragrances, gardens or cooking.

Depart the pier on a leisurely drive as you head to the Spice Farm and lush green Nature Gardens located 22km west of Suva.

Upon arrival at the farm, you will be greeted by songs from Fijian Warriors while spice girls present lovely flowers to all the women. Enjoy a cold refreshment and some fruit whilst you hear about the history of this pioneering plantation from Dr Ronald Gatty, known as the father of Fiji’s Spice Industry.

Learn about the various spices cultivated and cured by the native Fijians and how they are used in cooking. Observe a traditional native cooking demonstration and be entertained by lively native dances and songs.

Afterwards, local guides will lead you on a walk around the adjoining Nature Gardens that are rich in tropical plants. Here you will see a variety of exotic trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, tropical fruits, medicinal and dye plants.

On the return journey to your ship, a stop will be made in town for an opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 30 minutes of walking on this tour over paved and rough terrain including some steps. Passengers are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and to take a hat, sunscreen and local currency with them. Spices will be available for purchase at the Spice Farm.

Fiji, Fire and Folklore

Activity lowRefreshments includedShopping

Duration: 4 hours

Discover age-old cultures and marvel at Fijian firewalkers as they brave white-hot stones on this South Pacific island.

Sit back and relax as you take in the sights during the hour-long drive, passing Fijian villages, tropical rainforest, mountains and flat pastures en route to Pacific Harbour.

A warm welcome is waiting for you at the Arts Village of Fiji at Pacific Harbour. Your arrival is heralded by the sound of a drum, beaten by a Fijian warrior and the traditional blowing of a conch shell. Enjoy a cooling drink as you make your way to the amphitheatre. Here, you’ll witness a spectacular performance by the Fijian Firewalkers, enchanting Fijian ‘meke’ dancers and performers. From the comfort of your seat you can see the history and culture of the island being brought to life.

After the show, stroll around the exotic tropical gardens and talk to the villagers. You’ll also have time to browse the souvenir shops for interesting mementoes of your visit.

Essential information

This tour is operated by coach and on foot. There are steps to negotiate at the amphitheatre. Passengers are reminded to take insect repellent and local currency if wishing to purchase items at the village.

Rainforest Trek

Activity highRefreshments included

Duration: 4 hours

Discover the lush green rainforest of Fiji’s Forest Park as you trek across the mountainside to enjoy stunning views of the island.

Your adventure starts as you take a scenic drive into the mountains, where you’ll have the opportunity to trek through the lush green rainforests of Fiji’s Forest Park. Wind your way along mountain paths, through forests and bush to the lower pool, idyllically located within the peaceful forest. Take a moment to relax and cool off in the inviting natural pool.

After your walk, visit the Raintree Lodge, featuring a man-made pool. The Lodge provides a lovely location in which to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

During your stop at Raintree, you’ll be offered a refreshing drink and seasonal fruits, whilst the locals charm you with some Polynesian entertainment.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. All participants should be physically fit and wear closed toe shoes suitable for walking. Please remember to take insect repellent with you, wear swimwear under clothing and take a towel if wishing to bathe in the pool. There are no changing facilities within the forest. Before you book this excursion, you must refer to the ‘Beach / Water Related’ paragraph under the Guide to Symbols in this brochure.

Village Life

Activity lowRefreshments includedShopping

Duration: 3½ hours

Enjoy a scenic drive and a charming introduction to the cultures and traditions of the Fijian natives.

Board your local bus and make your way through Suva to Edinburgh Drive where you can capture the commanding views of Suva Harbour and Lauthala Bay. Your journey will take you past Fiji’s Medical School, Suva Agricultural Station and the fertile flat lands which lead to the town of Nausori. As you cross the Waimanu River, famous for its water lilies, you’ll pass Adi Cakobau School, now a well-known boarding school for girls.

Friendly villagers are waiting for you at the Village of Rewa Delta to present you with a pretty garland as they serenade you. Fijian warriors in traditional dress will escort you to the village meeting place to join the village Chief and the men folk in the preparation of Kava (Fijian ceremonial drink).

Learn of the history and Fijian way of life, view traditional art and craft demonstrations, such as mat, basket and hat weaving, and enjoy a guided walk around the village. You’ll also have an opportunity to purchase souvenir items made by the villagers.

Essential information

This tour will operate by coach and on foot. The Kava ceremony is for demonstration only. Passengers are requested to take precautions in case of rain and wear comfortable shoes. To respect local traditions, whilst in the village, visitors are requested not to wear hats and women should wear clothing, which covers their knees. Please remember to take insect repellent and local currency if wishing to purchase craft items.

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