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About Visby

A small but perfectly formed Hanseatic town, no wonder Visby is described as the 'Pearl of the Baltic' or, even more evocatively, as the 'town of roses and ruins'. This popular Swedish cruise port on the west coast of the Baltics largest island, Gotland, was once a Viking trading post but it later developed into the Baltics main Hanseatic centre between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Embark on one of our cruises to Visby and you will discover more than 200 warehouses and wealthy merchants stone dwellings from that time remain within its two-mile long medieval walls, making it the best-preserved fortified commercial settlement in northern Europe and earning it World Heritage site status. From here, your Visby cruise tour will take you on a stroll through rose-scented alleyways to the lovely Botanical Gardens.

Visby bring cruises here a mixture of ancient and modern, with plenty of lively cafés and interesting shops to go with the living history and fascinating selection of museums.


Shore excursions in Visby

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Taste of Gotland and Vintage Railway

Activity medium

Duration: 4½ hours

Taste the famous Stafva cheese and enjoy a ride on the Gotland vintage train.

Departing the pier, head south to visit one of the 92 medieval churches still in use on the island. In a municipality with the highest concentration of churches in Sweden, you are never far away from a church, although the majority of them are situated in the countryside. Their rich history is as visible in the architecture as it is in their decorations.

Continue to Stafva Farm, which has been in the Corswant family for 5 generations and is one of the largest farms on the island, specialising in the production of soft cheeses. Taste some of the fantastic locally-produced cheeses during your visit.

Gotland Railway Museum is located in Dalhem and houses an exhibition of the Gotland railways with trolleys, tickets, photos, uniforms and other memorabilia. Enjoy a train ride on the old railway. The old carriages will take you through the quiet and peaceful landscape, passing through Tule before arriving at Roma.

A scenic drive will return you to Visby, travelling through the varied coastal, agricultural and wooded landscapes. Explore Visby on a short walking tour amongst roses, ruins and alleys, before returning to your ship. Behind the town wall with its 44 guard towers, this medieval stone city awaits your discovery.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach, train and on foot. There is approximately 45 minutes of walking on this tour, including some uneven and cobblestoned surfaces.

Charming Faro and Visby

Activity mediumMeal included

Duration: 7 hours

Visit artists’ paradise Fårö - admire its unique vistas and enjoy a delicious lunch, before exploring the wonders of Visby.

Head north from the harbour through splendid scenery, before boarding a local ferry to Fårö, an islet just 5 minutes north. This ‘miniature Gotland’ has a distinctive landscape which has long attracted artists, authors and film directors – drawn to its impressive coastal limestone formations and wonderful natural light. The late Ingmar Bergman had a beloved summer residence here and you’ll visit the church where his grave is located.

A delicious local lunch will be served at a nearby restaurant as you recharge and prepare for your afternoon exploring the wonderful city of Visby. Your guide will take you on a walk through the fascinating medieval lanes, where you will find charming old houses and photo opportunities galore. As glimpses of city life through the ages come to life before your very eyes, marvel at the walls that have kept this enchanting city safe for generations.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach, ferry and on foot. There is approximately 1½ hours of walking on this tour, some of which is over cobblestones. There are a few steps to negotiate. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are recommended.

Medieval Visby and Surroundings

Activity high

Duration: 4 hours

A circular tour which covers both Visby town and the surrounding rural area.

As you set off, you’ll pass by the old Hanseatic harbour at Almedalen, where the Powder Tower can be seen.

Enjoy a guided walk through the narrow streets of Visby. Visit St Mary’s Cathedral and continue past old medieval church ruins. All the while charming medieval alleyways surround you with houses covered in roses.

Rejoin your coach at Almedalen for a drive through the countryside. Visit one of the many fine examples of a medieval countryside church that can be found on Gotland. Continue to Gnisvärd, a picturesque old fishing village from the 1700’s. Nearby you’ll see the Ship Grave - consisting of stones standing on their edge in the shape of a ship. It was believed that the ship would carry the departed Chieftains on their voyage to eternity.

On the return to Visby, make a stop at Gallows Hill for a panoramic view of Visby and the coast.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 2 hours’ walking involved on this tour. Within the medieval walled town, the guided walk is over cobble-stoned streets and is mainly downhill. Comfortable non-slip shoes are recommended.

Town of Roses and Ruins

Activity high

Duration: 3 hours

A comprehensive appreciation of the medieval, walled city of Visby and its immediate surroundings.

Upon reaching the upper wall entrance of Dalmansporten, you’ll begin a guided walk of Visby through the winding, narrow streets. Pause to visit St Mary’s Cathedral, built at the beginning of the 13th century and the only remaining example of the town’s many medieval churches. Then, continue past some of the old medieval church ruins, through the charming, narrow alleys flanked by picturesque old houses, where you can admire the beautiful roses that cover them. Take a look at the Botanical Gardens, which, because of the mild winters here, have specimens of almond trees, magnolias and acacias besides vivid displays of flowers.

Back on board your coach, you’ll drive up to Gallows Hill for a wonderful view over the coastline and Visby. Visby is an outstanding example of a Northern European walled Hanseatic town, which has uniquely preserved its townscape and extremely valuable buildings. The town wall, dating back to the 13th century, is almost 2 miles long and encircles the old stone houses, churches and street system.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There is approximately 2 hours’ walking involved on this tour. Within the medieval walled town, the guided walk is over cobble-stoned streets and is mainly downhill. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are recommended.


A selection of cruises to Visby

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