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Lovely ship, food excellent.
First time on the Britannia ship. Have previously travelled on the Ventura and Azura. Thought the Atrium on the Britannia with all the cafes and bars around it was really good. The choice of restaurants really food and we liked the furnishings. Things on the minus side were that the carpet on the staircases in the atrium was quiteyou 'spongy', especially when wearing shoes with heals. Also there was not as much space to walk around the outside of the ship, where you could sit as on the other ships. Found some sun areas of the ship were exposed to fumes from the engine. On the whole was a lovely clean ship which friendly, professional staff. The food choice was excellent.

03 Apr 2020

Great Customer Service
Despite our cruise being cancelled 2 days out from port (due to Coronavirus) the company & crew went over & above the call of duty to make sure our stay was pleasant & enjoyable.

Mr Boast | 03 Apr 2020

The ship appeared to need some work in relation to sanitation. It was often very smelly and unpleasant in the fore areas.This detracted from the experience.

Mr Storer | 03 Apr 2020

Great cruise on Britannia with some disappointments
This was our first cruise and the last for Britannia around the Caribbean before the Coronavirus which meant cruises were cancelled. We had a fabulous time, was a wonderful experience. The boarding was very quick and easy. The staff on the whole were fantastic and there was no shortage. The restaurants supplied great food, a good choice and vast quantities, you could eat at any time and however much you wanted. We chose freedom dining allowing us to go between the different restaurants with no fixed time, in the serviced restaurants we chose to be on tables with other guests and loved meeting lots of new people. Our cabin was lovely and having the balcony was probably the single most special thing on the ship, waking to the sound and sight of the sea. It is a large additional cost, but one we felt was worth paying. Our cabin steward was excellent The entertainment was very average and not of the standard we were led to expect. We were disappointed by the number of restaurants and activities with additional costs. P & O organised excursions were very expensive so we organized our own once in the port. Sunbeds were limited and due to a large number of very selfish passengers who continually reserved the sunbeds, this meant that the majority of the time we were unable to use them. Many were reserved for hours on end with no sign of anyone. We did complain on more than one occasion and the Deck Manager assured us they were monitored, but, not once in the two weeks did we see anything being done about it. The internet was charged at an exorbitant rate and therefore we relied on getting free wifi when visiting the islands. It was a great trip despite the things mentioned. Organisation was generally superb.

Mrs Mcallister | 03 Apr 2020

Fairly positive
Cabin was spacious and beds were extremely comfortable. The cabin steward, Grace, was lovely. We enjoyed the variety of entertainment offered. Our experience of service was mixed. Sometimes it was slow and we found it difficult to always order drinks while sunbathing. The food was on the whole good, but we had some disappointing experiences. We were not impressed by the Beachhouse restaurant. Some of the deserts were weird and not in a good way. The Epicurean was great. We found the sunbeds sandwiched together like sardines and did not enjoy it being so crowded. Some of public areas were a bit tired but we know the ship was due for a refit. The captain was excellent during very difficult circumstances and did his best to allay our anxieties.

Mr Frazer | 03 Apr 2020

The cruise was unfortunately cancelled when we got to Barbados and we decided to travel back to Southampton via sea. We were looked after superbly by all crew/staff given the circumstances. We were kept well fed and entertained and everyone concerned did an excellent job.

Mrs Rhodes | 03 Apr 2020

P&O took charge of a very difficult situation and the result was perfect.
P&O did well to obtain the Gibralta visit after the Malaga visit was stopped. Well DONE!!

Mr Craig | 03 Apr 2020

Excellent and totally different to what we planned,
We had only been on board about 3 hours when Captain Paul Brown announced that the cruise was cancelled and was to return back to Southampton. The decision to stay on board and chill out and relax for a week was an easy decision to make rather than fly home. The Captain kept us well informed throughout, and all staff were amazing. My thoughts have been with those staff since returning home wondering if many managed to get home, or are still on board ship and hope they too are being looked after well. We were never bored and walked many miles along the deck as we crossed the Atlantic. It certainly was an experience never to be forgotten. Thank you to all. We have not been too well since returning home but put it down to the extreme cold on deck, the air conditioning on board ship which was quite cold sometimes, and a lack of warm clothes since we had packed for a warm Caribbean.

03 Apr 2020

Fantastic work by all of the ship's crew during covid-19
Wonderful food and crew. The ship had to head back half way through our cruise. P and o looked after us very well.

Mrs South | 03 Apr 2020

Fabulous even in adversity
We can't praise the staff and crew of Oceana enough for the way they looked after us during our curtailed cruise to Spain and Portugal. They dealt with the constant changes with total professionalism and remained so positive. We felt so safe on board and although there were so few stops we felt thoroughly entertained and returned home refreshed and ready to face the ongoing crisis.

02 Apr 2020
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