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Cruise to Norway was great. Crew exceptional
Fantastic especially cabin and dining room crew

25 Aug 2019

Overall a pleasant family outing
Overall we enjoyed our cruise, with other members of our family, to Norway on the Azura (3-10 Aug). We thought there was a distinct improvement in the quality and choice of food in the Peninsular Restaurant and also the quality of service was very high - much better than we experienced on the Brittania in March18. On the downside, we experienced a problem with the toilet in our cabin. On 3 consecutive days the flush mechanism didn't work properly, which meant we couldn't use the toilet and had to use the toilets in other parts of the ship. On one occasion it meant dressing appropriately in order to walk about the ship to look for a toilet. On each occasion the problem was reported and after a while an engineer would arrive to rectify the problem, which would last a few hours before the problem recurred. On one occasion the correction by the engineer (working from the corridor side) caused an overflow spillage within the bathroom, which we had to get the steward to clear up. After the 3rd time, on 8/8/19 we were asked to contact a Mr Agnel (or Aqnel) by phone. He apologised to us for the problem, however he was not altogether clear over the phone, especially as he spoke with an Indian accent. I may have misheard what he was trying to say but it sounded as though my account would be compensated, however that doesn't appear to have happened. You will probably see that we are loyal and regular customers of P&O, having cruised on many of the ships a number of times, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Many thanks Ken West

Mr West | 24 Aug 2019

good but could easily be so much better
Generally good, but some areas fell (significantly) short of our expectations and experience with other cruise companies. Specifically: 1) embarkation process appeared to work well, until we got on board (around 5pm, as per our embarkation instructions) to discover that there had been numerous activities and opportunities throughout the day that we had missed out on due to our published arrival time. We felt a bit short-changed. 2) food in restaurant good, but have had better with other (not necessarily more expensive) companies 3) queues in self-service restaurants (certainly at breakfast time, can't comment on other times of the day) and to get back on board the ship after exploring the local area independently - have never experienced either of these things with other companies 4) disembarkation procedure - frankly a bit of an insult. Were told we had to "assemble" in restaurant at given time, where we stood in a line for about 10 minutes, to then be "walked" back the way we had just come to disembark. Amazing that we had been able to find our way around the ship by ourselves all week, but clearly couldn't be trusted to do so on our last day. Then, once off the ship, to add insult to injury, we had to scour a warehouse to find our cases and then walk some way (in poor weather) with luggage to the car collection point, where we had to stand in a fenced-off area like animals. A far cry from the "door-to-door" service on arrival, and it felt very much like P&O didn't care about us any more, as our holiday was over.

21 Aug 2019

not as good as we have been used to in the past
the service we received did'nt match previous cruises. staff not as good, entertainment not as good, cruise overall was poor.

Ms Rogerson | 19 Aug 2019

Cruising doesn’t suit everyone
I thought the food and the service was excellent. I didn’t like the buffet restaurant but then I don’t like queuing especially for food. It just wasn’t for me. There is nothing you can do about the weather and on the Norwegian fjords it would more than likely be a problem and it was. I was disappointed in the service on the Sail away the bars hadn’t been going that long but they couldn’t provide me with a glass of the French rose. I went to other bars looking for it not what I expected. This was a celebration for my 70 chocolate strawberries and champagne were ordered as a surprise but only the champagne was provided. For me days at sea are not ideal you can only go to the gym for so long. I was very excited to be going on my first 7 day cruise and unfortunately my expectations were not exceeded. So for me I won’t be booking another cruise anytime soon. It just wasn’t for me.

Ms Tonks | 19 Aug 2019
Dear Ms Tonks Thank you for your honest feedback.Cruising is not for everyone, butyou gave it a try. Who knows in years to come with the ever growing business of today, you may try another.It is with regret that your expectations were not met on this occasion and I would like to offer my apologies for your disappointment in some of the services with the drink and strawberries, I am unsure if you did bring this to anyone's attention whilst on board so that they could resolve as best they could. I do hope you managed to enjoy your Birthday celebration andwe do hope that you will still consider P&O Cruises in the future, It would certainly give us great pleasure to welcome you back on board. Best Wishes Kelly Guest Relations
Customer Service Team | P&O Cruises
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