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Island hop in the Caribbean

Why go on a Caribbean cruise holiday? Because, once paradise has been discovered, it can never be forgotten. The Caribbean, with its sugar-soft beaches, turquoise seas and gently swaying palms, is one of the world’s best-loved holiday destinations.

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Destination highlights


The colourful Caribbean – a treasure trove of good times. The islands of the Caribbean are a jamboree of jewels in a joyful sea of relaxed living. You’re welcomed into paradise with a refreshing cocktail of sun-baked bliss and vibrant culture.


  • Lush green forests give way to bleached sandy beaches, while the bustling towns and ports are alive with laughter, music and the heady aromas of local cuisine.
  • Snorkelling in St Kitts; mountain biking in Bermuda – who wouldn’t want a holiday bubbling over with possibility?
  • Caribbean cuisine is alive with spice and flavour. Jerk chicken, pepperpot beef or goat stew are staples. And no shoreside visit would be complete without a calabash rum cocktail or the tang of an ice-cold mojito – the ideal accompaniment to any lazy day in the sun.
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Short Breaks

From well-earned weekends away, to marking milestone moments, or simply getting away for a few days' rest and recreation, we have a collection of cruises that are short and oh-so sweet.


  • Discover Amsterdam’s unique architecture, secluded churchyards and narrow streets from a bygone age.
  • Stroll from the harbour in Hamburg, up through Planten un Blomen (plants and flowers) Park which runs through the centre of the city. Cafés are aplenty, so grab a coffee while you wander through the Japanese garden and tropical greenhouses - or even take a pony ride.
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Imagine a Mediterranean holiday where you could wake up to a stunning new view every day, yet only have to unpack once. See the splendour of European architecture in the piazzas, palaces and places of worship.

  • Feel the enchantment of Venice, then dally on the intriguing Dalmatian coast.
  • Medieval Sibenik leaves an unforgettable impression with forts and red-roofs that tumble to the water’s edge.
  • Journey to islands like Rhodes or Santorini to see the remnants of ancient history, and stroll by the minarets and bazaars of Turkey.
  • Photograph the famous Tower of Pisa.
  • Beyond the golden walls of Valletta’s harbour front is an island brimming with surprises. You could find yourself snapping photos of megalithic monuments or baroque buildings.
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Canary Islands & Iberia

Iberia and the Canary Islands indulge your passion for sunny times. Escape to your happy place – where the air is as warm as the smiles that greet you. Here, culture and history sit arm-in-arm with beaches and bars. Best of all, it’s a place you can enjoy all year round.

  • There’s a rich cultural cocktail of European and Moorish influences in the region, creating fascinating food and fabulous architecture.
  • Each port serves up its own take on landmarks and good living from the festivals and flamenco of Seville, to the clanking trams and atmospheric streets of Lisbon – no two days are the same.
  • Further south, the Canary Islands offer verdant green valleys, sandy beaches and lively ports. Whitewashed villages and towns offer up tapas and trinkets, and vineyards promise a glass of chilled heaven.
  • Visit Lanzarote for beaches in red, white and black. Playa del Ingles is the place to party on Gran Canaria.
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