Greece, Croatia and Italy

Greece, Croatia and Italy

10 Oct - 29 Oct 2019 | 19 NIGHTS | 7 PORTS | Arcadia (J916)


Greece, Croatia and Italy, 10 Oct - 29 Oct 2019, 19 NIGHTS, 7 PORTS

Luxuriously quiet, still perfectly warm - that's the Med in October

Soak up the late rays, as well as oodles of atmosphere and culture on this Mediterranean cruise on board Arcadia. This is a holiday of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, classic destinations and some hidden gems. You’ll have plenty of time to explore ashore and relax at sea.


Join Arcadia in Southampton and settle in as you sail to Cartagena, where the jewel in its crown is the 2,000-year old Roman amphitheatre. After a call at what Homer called the ‘beautiful and rich land’ of Corfu, sail on to experience the timeless sea approach to Dubrovnik. Ashore, its pantile roofs, marble streets, and baroque beauty delight, too.


Split shimmers white against an azure sea, its labyrinthine courtyards filled with Roman fortresses and an Emperor’s palace. Next call, Venice, where an evening call gives longer to explore and, of course, ride a gondola to experience her eternal beauty from the water.


Sardinia’s stunning capital, Cagliari, traces its history back to Roman times, and is awash with ancient artefacts, awesome architecture and a show-stopping botanic garden. After a stop in Gibraltar for duty-free shopping and Barbary ape-watching, enjoy three days at sea as you sail home to Southampton.

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