Caribbean and Azores

Caribbean and Azores

04 Jan - 01 Feb 2019 | 28 NIGHTS | 10 PORTS | Ventura (N901)


Caribbean and Azores, 04 Jan - 01 Feb 2019, 28 NIGHTS, 10 PORTS

Sail to the Caribbean and experience a host of tropical splendours

In so many ways, this is an epic Caribbean adventure, brimming with sunshine and smiles. Depart Southampton, bound for the magical colours of Madeira. Onwards to the French-Dutch flavours of sunny St Maarten. Later, dip beneath the turquoise waters of Antigua, or take a leisurely drive along Dominica’s scenic roads. Spend time combing the bustling markets of beautiful Barbados. In St Lucia, glorious beaches and chilled tropical cocktails await. Then, head back over the pond via Praia da Vitoria in the Azores. Explore its modern marina and do some last-minute shopping before returning home to Southampton.

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