Caribbean and USA

Caribbean and USA

05 Feb - 12 Mar 2019 | 35 NIGHTS | 11 PORTS | Ventura (N903)


Caribbean and USA, 05 Feb - 12 Mar 2019, 35 NIGHTS, 11 PORTS

Escape on a journey to the Caribbean, with iconic sights in the US

In so many ways, this is a truly epic Caribbean adventure, brimming with sunshine and happy faces. Depart Southampton, bound for the rose-tinted sands of Bermuda for an overnight stay. Later, jazz and blues music in rustic bars and mouthwatering Creole cooking is sure to delight. Then, it’s on to the bustling marinas and wild water sports of Miami. A string of sparkling Caribbean island gems follows. Give in to the rustic charms of Grand Turk. Take in the French-Dutch charms of St Maarten, before heading over to blissful Barbados for the warmest of island smiles, then heading back home via Praia da Vitoria in the Azores.

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